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Local Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Blackwater, Camberley GU17 serving near Sandhurst GU47, Frimley GU16, Camberley GU15, Crowthorne RG45 & Chobham GU24

While I watch our Chef prepare the home cooked style food for Tiffin Wala Indian restaurant and Take Away I am reminded of the scent of the spices that I used to wake up to every morning. I was bought up in neighbourhood of Tiffin Wala’s where all the mothers used to prepare home cooked food and put it into small aluminum containers. Then with impeccable timing, the doorbell would ring. And young men wearing a cap, now synonymous with the Tiffin Wala’s of India and Bangladesh would step inside, collect the packed lunch, leg it down 5 flights of stairs, and attach the tiffin boxes to their Phoenix bicycle’s. They would then speed off across the crowded streets and vanish through the scrum of rickshaws

Every day, like them hundreds of Tiffin Wala’s or packed lunch boys set off across the streets of Dhaka and Mumbai, parking their bicycles outside the houses of middle class house wives, collecting thousands of home cooked meals and then hand delivering them to the working population.

The term Tiffin Wala or Dabba Wala originated over a century ago in British India where the many Indians working for British companies were not satisfied of the food served at work. The Tiffin service was created to bring home cooking to the workplace.

Here at Tiffin Wala Camberley/Blackwater, we are rolling out our Tiffin Wala beginning with the opening of our restaurant and take away delivery service on Wednesday 19thJune 2013.

Our Tiffin Wala endeavor’s to provide Camberley, Blackwater and the surrounding areas with authentic Indian food that all our customers can enjoy in the modern tantric surroundings of our restaurant or have delivered to their homes and work places in the similar spirit of the enduring Indian tradition of the Tiffin Wala’s.

All meals are cooked by our expert chef ‘s who are passionate about providing home cooked style Indian meals, using time tested traditional recipes & cooking methods based on Indian health & vitality, using the very freshest of ingredients.